Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm a bit stuck

Not stuck in the game per say.
I'm not sure what to spend my Training Points on.
I've got Life through Satyr and Death through Feint and now I have no idea where to spend my points from this point.

Any suggestions?
(I'm a Sorcerer, by the way)


  1. shealds I don't do a second school so I just toss mine out on shealds and power ups.

  2. Reshuffle is a handy spell, especially if you do a lot of PVP. (The hidden trainer near Mindy in Colossus Blvd. has it.) I'd also recommend the appropriate tri-blade and tri-trap from the Balance tree at the Krokosphinx, those will stack with Feint and with your regular blades & traps for max damage.

  3. @Silverheart: I plan on doing that with another character later, but I think that shields are a good place for my last few points to go.

    @Sierra: My main school is Balance, so I already have all the spells you mentioned.

  4. Do you use your minion a lot? If so try getting some spells to help it. I haven't played my balance wizard for some time, but I love the Helpful Mander. The shields are also a good place to spend some points.

  5. Well if you level up a couple of times and finish the rest of the Zeke quests, you can get ice up to tower shield, which will benefit you GREATLY, trust me.

  6. ice. that way you get a ton of shields.